Honing World is a dedicated web portal for our customers and companies in the field of honing to extend our support to people in honing industry across the globe whether it is through knowledge sharing or through our products.

1. How our customers can use this web portal?

By posting queries in order to discuss, share and give us insights about their requirement in the field of honing to help us understand and provide suitable solutions.

Our existing customers and new customers can get a feel of latest projects we are involved in and also get updated about our new products.

2. How an individual can use this web portal?

By posting queries, chating with our technical team over watsapp  and discussion topics which they would like to discuss regarding honing and we will try our best to support any one in need of technical help.

All our customer requirements in honing are sufficed by our parent organisation Krishna Machine Tools, Bangalore.



Our Approach

Our Story

Our Story

Krishna Machine Tools , Bangalore is a small scale industry built on the shoulder's of the individual hardwork of the founder and the team work of its staff which has been the core strength of the company which has made the company that it is today.

The reason why we started back in 90's still remains our primary focus even today, which is " To Extend Our Support to The Manufacturing Segment Through Knowledge share and Solutions", honing being one of the manufacturing segment with a wide scope of improvement, we have utilized our expertise of over 25 years, clubbed it with academic knowledge and our willingness to adapt to the latest technologies.

Adhering to the above mentioned we have been able to successfully deliver our services and solution to over 150 esteemed customers having delivered our products and services not only in india but also in various other countried like United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Sultanate of Oman, Bahrain.

Our Vision is to provide our customers a world class honing experience and our best services all across the globe.

We also take this opportunity to thank our staff for their dedicated support.